CQ Issue 138
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Constructor Quarterly Issue No. 138
December 2022

An Automaton Writer using Outfit 10; Chebyshev’s paradoxical mechanism; La Sardine Joyeuse; Dancing Christmas tree; A Möbius strip made in Meccano; The ‘well-known Nebra sky disc’ as a model; Meccano in Pantomime - Act 2; The avatars of a no-fall car; Steam Roller of Old Bonalbo; Meccano-ish Turntable; WWII vehicles in old Meccano: The Jeep of the 1954 No.4 Manual; Adding planetary gear support rings to an epicyclic transmission; Vintage Atelier; An early American advertising leaflet; Desaguliers’ Balance; A small safari vehicle in savannah livery.

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