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adventuresinmeccanoland.jpg: 704x1024, 250k (January 25, 2016, at 07:20 PM)

CQ Special Publication: Adventures in Meccanoland
Hubert Lansley
This beautiful reproduction is of a 1925 Meccano advertising booklet, written by the young Hubert Lansley during his formative years at Binns Road. It tells the story of Dick’s travels in a strange and wonderful new country where, with Meccano, all things are possible!

CoalLoader.jpg: 730x1024, 752k (January 25, 2016, at 07:20 PM)

CQ Special Publication: Coal Loader and Unloader
Dr Keith Cameron
An electric locomotive powered by catenary pushes four wagons for automatic loading and unloading. Oscar Fontan’s model is here rebuilt by the redoubtable Dr Keith Cameron and fully described with coloured illustrations throughout. Hardback book.

dearchiefmeccanoman.jpg: 703x1024, 184k (January 25, 2016, at 07:20 PM)

CQ Special Publication: Dear Chief Meccanoman
Dr Keith Cameron and George Maurice Morris
A myriad of hints and modelling tips are to be found in these fascinating letters, exchanged by two of the hobby’s most respected elders, Dr Keith Cameron and George Maurice Morris of The Meccanoman’s Journal, between 1968 and 1975. Hardback book.

giantlorrymountedcrane.jpg: 725x1024, 186k (January 25, 2016, at 07:20 PM)

CQ Special Publication: Giant Lorry Mounted Crane
Eric Taylor
Built in 1970 by the legendary Eric Taylor, this is the last of three great models whose appearance in the early days of the adult hobby profoundly influenced techniques of modern enthusiasts. Fully described and illustrated in colour throughout. Hardback book.

magicfactory.jpg: 712x1024, 825k (November 08, 2018, at 01:08 PM)

CQ Special Publication: Magic Factory
Bernard Périer
The author has tried everything, from soft drugs like Meccano, to highly addictive products like Meccano Speed Play or Fischertechnik, including ersatz from the Far East and substances like cardboard or plastic. Read this book and you will realise the extent of lunacy into which Bernard’s passions have taken him. Hundreds of new models and over 680 colour illustrations on 276 pages in a hardback ‘limited edition’.

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