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These superb binders, at once elegant, practical and long-lasting, will add a decided touch to your Constructor Quarterly collection as it builds up year by year into a wonderful encyclopedic reference work. Each holds ten magazines, held firmly in place by bonded nylon cords.

cardboardreplicaparts.jpg: 1024x658, 291k (January 25, 2016, at 07:20 PM)

Cardboard Replica Parts
A high-quality replica of the extremely rare sheet of cardboard parts, as included with the 000 Meccano Outfit of 1931. Individual parts and holes are precut to facilitate removal, the radiator bonnet is scored to assist folding and the 3″ Wheels have brass eyelets. Two-sheet pack.

cardsforweb.jpg: 894x727, 1073k (January 25, 2016, at 07:20 PM)

CQ 100 Personality Playing Cards
Each of thirty cards has a different Steve Bright caricature of a well-known Meccano personality (look for the Joker!) and the remaining cards are adorned with a selection of memorable CQ covers, representative of its twenty-five years. On the reverse is a reproduction of the CQ100 front cover and each pack comes in its own personalised box.

CQ100jigsaw.jpg: 1200x966, 919k (January 25, 2016, at 07:20 PM)

CQ 100 Wooden Jigsaw
A chunky 96-piece wooden jigsaw. The CQ100 cover artwork is beautifully printed in vibrant colour on a 2.5 mm deep wood base with a waterproof gloss laminate, making it much thicker, sturdier and glossier than cardboard puzzles. The jigsaw comes in a tin box 8½” × 6¼” with cover artwork on its hinged lid, making a great souvenir and a collectible to treasure.

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insert presented with CQ 74

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